SAS specialties

Before you start looking for work in the SAS field, it is important to decide what kind of SAS job you are looking for. These are examples of job titles or categories that may require SAS skills:

  • Programmer
  • Database administrator
  • Data warehouse architect
  • Data warehouse specialist
  • ETL specialist
  • Developer
  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Marketing analyst
  • Securities analyst
  • Statistics programmer
  • Statistician
  • Quality analyst
  • Clinical data programmer
  • Report programmer
  • Database programmer
  • Systems/network programmer

No employer expects to hire a worker who can do everything. Instead, they are looking for a narrowly focused set of skills to fit a specific job requirement. As a job-seeker, you will not want to apply for every SAS job opening you can find. When you learn of an opening, see how its focus and requirements fit with your skills and interests.


People who are thinking of making a career in SAS work often ask the question: How much money do SAS specialists make? Pay rates depend on location, employer, position, experience, and other factors, but are generally in line with the pay of other computer specialists and data analysis specialists.

You can track computer-industry salaries with any of the various published salary surveys, such as the ones provided by DataMasters:

Finding SAS jobs

If you are searching for a job as a SAS specialist, in general, you should use the same techniques that you would use for any category of computer work. You might:

  • Read job listings
  • Contact employers directly
  • Ask people you know where the jobs might be
  • Talk to recruiting and contract employment agencies

Job sites

These job sites have a special emphasis on SAS jobs:

This site hopes to list SAS job openings across Europe:


There are hundreds of employers that regularly hire SAS specialists. These are a few of them:

The technical interview

The interview process for a SAS job covers various subject areas related to the position and the candidate, and it may include a technical interview with questions intended to evaluate the candidate’s SAS savvy. The following document lists common subjects of technical questions about SAS.

SAS technical interview questions

Also see the following discussions for actual and suggested questions. (Many of these questions are out of date because of the time that has gone by since the interviews took place. However, it is not at all unusual for a technical interviewer to ask questions based on a limited understanding of the technology or one that stopped evolving ten or twenty years ago. If you know these questions might be coming, you’ll be prepared to answer them in a constructive way.) List of Actual SAS Technical Interview Questions

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