The SAS Workbook


Author: Ron Cody

Publisher: SAS Publishing

Wondering what you can do with SAS? The SAS Workbook provides a set of problems that represent some of the most typical tasks in SAS work. Each exercise provides a detailed description of the intended outcome, and it is up to you to write the program. When you can write these programs, it proves you can do the kinds of things people do in SAS programming. There is also a chapter of puzzles in which the programs are provided, and you are supposed to determine the result. If you know the answers, that means you really understand how SAS works.

The problems are designed so that you can verify your results by running the programs you write. In case you get stumped, suggested solutions are available separately in The SAS Workbook Solutions.

Several chapters in this book cover features of SAS/STAT.


Paperback (1996)


Year: 1996

ISBN: 1-55544-757-0

Pages: 243

Publisher’s list price: 39.95


  • 1. Inputting Raw Data
  • 2. Reading and Writing from External Files
  • 3. Using Logical Structures: IF-THEN/ELSE, WHERE, and SELECT
  • 4. Combining SAS Data Sets
  • 5. Using Numerical Functions
  • 6. Using Character Functions
  • 7. Working with Dates
  • 8. Using Arrays
  • 9. Looking Back and Ahead Across Observations
  • 10. Working with Longitudinal Data: Multiple Observations per Subject
  • 11. Writing Simple DATA Step Reports
  • 12. The FORMAT Procedure
  • 13. The PRINT Procedure
  • 14. The SORT Procedure
  • 15. The FREQ Procedure
  • 16. The MEANS Procedure
  • 17. The TABULATE Procedure
  • 18. The CHART Procedure
  • 19. The PLOT Procedure
  • 20. Efficient Programming
  • 21. Longer and More Advanced Problems
  • 22. Basic Descriptive Statistics
  • 23. Tests of Proportions
  • 24. Comparing Means: Two Groups
  • 25. Analysis of Variance
  • 26. Parametric and Nonparametric Correlations
  • 27. Simple, Multiple, and Logistic Regression
  • 28. Random Assignment and Random Selection of Subjects
  • 29. More Advanced Statistics Projects
  • 30. SAS Puzzles
  • Appendix
  • Index

From the back cover

Learn by doing as you work through the programming problems offered in this unique book. Begin with exercises related to the DATA step, then move to elementary and then advanced exercises on frequently used SAS procedures. Challenges for beginning, intermediate, and advanced programmers are provided. Users receive a good start on each problem with directions and hints about useful programming tools. Students, teachers, and trainers will work with base SAS procedures such as FORMAT, PRINT, TABULATE, PLOT, and others; solve simple descriptive statistics problems as well as those using the FREQ, TTEST, GLM, ANOVA, and NPAR1WAY procedures; and have fun with some SAS brain teasers in the book’s last section.