SAS Guide to Applications Development


Author: SAS (technical reference)

Publisher: SAS Publishing

For advanced programmers, learn the process of developing interactive applications in SAS/AF and SAS/EIS.


2 Paperback (2004)

2 Paperback

Year: 2004

ISBN: 1-59047-400-7

Pages: 294

Publisher’s list price: 47.95


  • Chapter 1. Overview
  • Chapter 2. Introducing the Applications Development Environment
  • Chapter 3. Applications Development Methodology
  • Chapter 4. Tools for the Business User or Applications Developer
  • Chapter 5. Preparing Data for Your Ready-Made Applications
  • Chapter 6. Extending Ready-Made Applications
  • Chapter 7. Deploying an Enterprise Information System
  • Chapter 8. Tools for the Applications Developer
  • Chapter 9. Developing Frames with Ready-Made Objects
  • Chapter 10. Communicating with Components
  • Chapter 11. Adding SAS Component Language Programs to Frames
  • Chapter 12. Adding Application Support Features
  • Chapter 13. Deploying Your Applications
  • Chapter 14. Tools for the Component Developer
  • Chapter 15. SAS Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Chapter 16. Developing Components
  • Chapter 17. Managing Methods
  • Chapter 18. Managing Attributes
  • Chapter 19. Adding Communication Capabilities to Components
  • Chapter 20. Deploying Components
  • Appendix 1. Flow of Control
  • Appendix 2. Adding Attachments to Frame Controls
  • Appendix 3. SAS/AF and SAS/EIS Keys in the SAS Registry
  • Appendix 4. Moving Legacy Classes to the SAS Component Object Model
  • Appendix 5. Understanding SAS/EIS Metadata Attributes
  • Appendix 6. Handling Events in SAS/EIS Legacy Objects
  • Glossary
  • Index

From the Back Cover

Extend the power of SAS throughout your organization by building user-friendly enterprise applications using SAS/AF software, SAS/EIS software, or both. In this programming guide, you will learn how to do the following:

  • develop graphical user interfaces with ready-made components
  • create custom components
  • enhance your applications using SCL (SAS Component Language)
  • deploy applications to other SAS users in your organization

This guide provides numerous tips for working in the SAS/AF and SAS/EIS application development environments. The examples have been updated to work more efficiently with SAS 8 through SAS 9, and a glossary has been added.

This book is intended both for business users who want to be able to design and develop applications quickly, and for applications developers who want to develop customized enterprise-wide applications.