SAS System for Regression


Authors: Rudolf J. Freund, Ramon C. Littell

Publishers: Wiley, SAS Publishing

Learn how to do regression in SAS with these clear explanations and well-chosen examples. Regression is the most productive of all popular statistical models, and that makes this book a good place to get started on SAS statistics.

Requires SAS/STAT.


3 Paperback (2000)

3 Paperback

Year: 2000

ISBN: 0-471-41664-9

Pages: 235

Publisher’s list price: 63.95


  • 1. Regression Concepts
  • 2. Using the REG Procedure
  • 3. Observations
  • 4. Multicollinearity: Detection and Remedial Measures
  • 5. Curve Fitting
  • 6. Special Applications of Linear Models
  • 7. Nonlinear Models
  • 8. Using SAS/INSIGHT Software for Regression

From the back cover

Learn to perform a wide variety of regression analyses using SAS® software with this example-driven revised favorite from SAS Publishing. With this Third Edition you will learn the basics of performing regression analyses using a wide variety of models including nonlinear models. Other topics covered include

  • performing linear regression analyses using PROC REG
  • diagnosing and providing remedies for data problems, including outliers and multicollinearity.

Examples feature numerous SAS procedures including REG, PLOT, GPLOT, NLIN, RSREG, AUTOREG, PRINCOMP, and others. Some knowledge of both regression and the SAS System are assumed.