Author: Lauren E. Haworth

Publisher: SAS Publishing

Examples of TABULATE output make up nearly half of this book, which uses the examples to show what the TABULATE proc is capable of and how to program with it. The book starts with the basics, for SAS users with little or no experience with PROC TABULATE, then quickly moves on to the intricacies of the proc and such advanced topics as percents, formatting missing values, using macros, and generating web pages and spreadsheets.


Paperback (1999)


Year: 1999

ISBN: 1-58025-358-X

Pages: 374

Publisher’s list price: 59.95


  • 1. Why Use PROC TABULATE?
  • 2. PROC TABULATE Syntax
  • 3. Before You Start Writing PROC TABULATE Code
  • 4. Creating One-Dimensional Tables
  • 5. Creating Two-Dimensional Tables
  • 6. Creating Three-Dimensional Tables
  • 7. Handling Percentages
  • 8. Handling Percentages with Complex Denominators
  • 9. Handling Missing Data
  • 10. Modifying Row and Column Headings
  • 11. Formatting Table Values
  • 12. Modifying the Table Grid
  • 13. Making the Table Fit on the Page
  • 14. Using Macros to Generate Tables
  • 15. PROC TABULATE Tricks: How to Cheat to Create Complex Tables
  • 16. Outputting the Results
  • 17. Troubleshooting Your Table
  • 18. Error Messages and What They Mean
  • 19. Incorrect Tables and How to Fix Them
  • 20. Limitations of PROC TABULATE and How to Get Around Them
  • 21. PROC TABULATE Options Reference
  • 22. FORMCHAR Settings Reference
  • 23. Creating Tables Using SAS/ASSIST Software
  • 24. Version 7 Enhancements
  • Index

From the back cover

An abuundance of real-world examples highlights this step-by-step guide to producing tables and reports using the TABULATE procedure. Beginning and intermediate SAS users will find that the format is both convenient and inviting. Applications are presented in a self-contained, two-page layout; discussion material and sample code are on one page, and the resulting tables are on the facing page. Topics are presented in order of increasing complexity, making this an excellent training manual or self tutorial. This concise format also lends itself as a quick reference guide for specific applications for more advanced users. A very handy section on common problems and their solutions is also included. With this book, you will quickly learn how to:

  • generate tables using macros
  • create tables using SAS/ASSIST software
  • present output on the Internet
  • handle percentages and missing data
  • modify row and column headings
  • produce one-, two-, and three-dimensional tables using PROC TABULATE