Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference


Author: Rick Aster

Publisher: Breakfast

A compact reference book for SAS programmers, this book covers the features of the SAS language with rules of syntax, concise descriptions, and occasional examples. It includes key host-specific features, with indications of which releases and operating systems support each feature.


6 (Paperback) (2011–SAS 9.3)

5 (Paperback) (2004–SAS 9.1)

6 (Paperback)

Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-891957-18-5

Pages: 256

Publisher’s list price: 20.00


  • 1. Environment
  • 2. Global Statements
  • 3. ODS Drivers
  • 4. Files
  • 5. Data Set Options
  • 6. System Options
  • 7. Macro Language
  • 8. Data Step
  • 9. Expressions
  • 10. Component Objects
  • 11. Informats
  • 12. Formats
  • 13. Functions
  • 14. CALL Routines
  • 15. Proc Step
  • 16. Procedures
  • Index of SAS Words

From the back cover

This is the popular compact reference source for SAS programming. A generation of SAS users worldwide have counted on Rick Aster and Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference for authoritative information about SAS. The 6th edition is updated, streamlined, and simplified so you can find the answers you need faster.

5 (Paperback)


Year: 2004

ISBN: 1-891957-12-0

Pages: 256

Publisher’s list price: 18.00


  • 1. The SAS Environment
  • 2. Programming
    Steps/Data step programming/Proc step programming
  • 3. General Rules
    Tokens and spacing/Comments/Statements/Names/Character encoding/Colors
  • 4. Global Statements
  • 5. Data Step Statements
  • 6. Proc Step Statements
  • 7. Expressions
    Data types/Variables/Constants/Operators/Character sets/Arrays/Lengths of character expressions/Automatic type conversion/Missing values/Component Objects
  • 8. Macro Language
    Macro variables/Macro statements/Macro operators/Macro functions/Macros/The macro processor
  • 9. System Options
  • 10. Files
    Devices/File system options/Filerefs/Libraries/Engines/Member types/Entry types/Special SAS dataset names/Views/Indexes and integrity constraints/Generation datasets/Audit files/Dataset options/Passwords
  • 11. ODS Drivers
  • 12. Descriptive Statistics
    Statistics programming/Statistics
  • 13. Display Manager
  • 14. Informats
    Character informats/Numeric informats/Time informats
  • 15. Formats
    Character formats/Numeric formats/Time formats
  • 16. Functions
  • 17. CALL Routines
  • 18. Procedures
  • 19. Products
  • SAS Words
  • Index

From the back cover

Quick answers about SAS

For more than a decade, SAS users from beginners to experienced professionals have counted on Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference as their source for authoritative information about SAS. The new 5th edition is extensively revised, expanded, and redesigned to provide the information SAS users need today.

SAS is the solution of choice for businesses and researchers looking for answers in their data — and this reliable guide provides the quick answers you need to write programs that take advantage of SAS’s many features. It’s so easy to find the information you need about syntax, routines, options, and more, Professional SAS Programmer’s Pocket Reference will soon be the one book you use every time you write a SAS program.

A noted SAS expert, Rick Aster is the author of several books on SAS including the popular Professional SAS Programming Shortcuts. He works as a consultant, instructor, and developer.