Professional SAS Programming Logic


Author: Rick Aster

Publisher: Breakfast

For professional programmers and serious students of programming, this book provides detailed coverage of the SAS language and the programming process. The first half of the book emphasizes data step programming. The second half covers the SAS environment, routines, macro language, and selected features of proc step programming. A 250-word glossary defines the most fundamental terms used in discussing SAS programming, and notes throughout the book describe the differences in usage of some words and terms.


Paperback (2000–SAS 8)


Year: 2000

ISBN: 1-891957-05-8

Pages: 576

Publisher’s list price: 54.00


  • Introduction
  • 1. SAS Programming
  • 2. The SAS Way: Examples
  • 3. Statements and Steps
  • 4. Control Flow
  • 5. Variables and Values
  • 6. Constants and Expressions
  • 7. Special Kinds of Values
  • 8. Loops and Arrays
  • 9. I/O
  • 10. SAS Dataset I/O
  • 11. Options for SAS Datasets
  • 12. Text File I/O
  • 13. Informats and Formats
  • 14. Print Output
  • 15. Functions and CALL Routines
  • 16. Low-Level I/O Programming
  • 17. Execution
  • 18. Macro Language
  • 19. Proc Steps
  • 20. Reporting
  • 21. Analyzing Data
  • 22. Managing Data
  • 23. SQL
  • 24. Creating Formats and Informats
  • Glossary
  • Index

From the front cover

The fastest way to get answers from data

From the back cover

What do you want to know? Collecting information is easy . . . but finding the answers that will make a difference takes imagination, a systematic approach, and a powerful way of working with data. It’s no surprise that millions of knowledge workers around the world choose the no-compromises approach of the SAS programming language. SAS programmers enjoy the advantages of easy access to data, the freedom of a general programming language, and the extensive data-handling capabilities of the SAS System. SAS programming is simple enough to be an introduction to computing, yet powerful enough to form the core of the most demanding data warehousing projects. For all the answers waiting to be found in your data, discover the possibilities of the SAS programming language in Professional SAS Programming Logic. Leading expert Rick Aster explains the structure and style of the SAS language in a clear, organized way that emphasizes practical results.

Essential facts about . . .

  • Data and proc step programming
  • Global statements
  • SQL
  • Programming concepts
  • Loops and arrays
  • System options
  • Functions, informats, and formats
  • Macro language
  • Log messages
  • Text and binary data files
  • SAS files
  • Dataset options
  • Views
  • Print files and ODS
  • Reporting
  • Summary statistics
  • Date and time data
  • Missing values

. . . and much more!