The Power of PROC FORMAT


Author: Jonas V. Bilenas

Publisher: SAS Press

If you need to create your own formats and informats, but aren’t quite sure what they do, this book will get you started.


Paperback (2005)


Year: 2005

ISBN: 1-59047-573-9

Pages: 114

Publisher’s list price: 29.95


  • 1. Introduction to SAS Informats and Formats
  • 2. Why Use PROC FORMAT?
  • 3. VALUE and INVALUE Statements: Syntax and Examples
  • 4. PICTURE Statements
  • 5. Data Step Applications
  • 6. MULTILABEL Option: When One-to-One or Many-to-One Is Not Enough
  • 7. Managing Format Catalogs
  • Index

From the back cover

Harness the Power of PROC FORMAT

Are you a programmer, statistician, or data analyst tasked with generating reports? Discover how you can put the powerful FORMAT procedure to work for you with The Power of PROC FORMAT. Written in an easy-to-follow tutorial style and illustrated with real-world examples and solutions, this handy guide introduces beginning to intermediate SAS users to the functionality of the FORMAT procedure.

Learn how the FORMAT procedure can recategorize data values while doing a variety of tasks, including these:

  • building user-defined formats and informats
  • implementing a table lookup in SAS
  • using the DATA step and other SAS procedures
  • assigning descriptive labels to data values
  • creating new variables and finding unexpected values
  • generating data extracts
  • merging data sets