A Look at SAS Files


Author: Rick Aster

Publisher: Breakfast

Using an entertaining radio-drama format with humor and music, Rick Aster and the “Attitude Crew” consider the important points about understanding and using SAS files, with a special focus on SAS datasets.


Audio cassettes (1994)

Audio cassettes

Year: 1994

U.P.C.: 7-68068-26001-8

Publisher’s list price: 19.95


  1. Libraries
  2. Special Features
  3. SAS Data Files
  4. Catalogs

From the back cover

A Look At SAS Files covers everything you need to know to use SAS software’s special file types. When you know the right way to use SAS files, it’s easy to write simple, efficient SAS programs. From creating and deleting SAS data libraries to when and how to use compression and passwords, Rick Aster and the Attitude crew make it all make sense.