Debugging SAS Programs

A Handbook of Tools and Techniques


Author: Michele M. Burlew

Publisher: SAS Publishing

Almost as soon as you write your first SAS program, you look in the log and read your first error message. What do error messages mean and how can you fix your program? This book is a survey of common SAS programming errors, explaining how to identify and correct them.


Paperback (2001)


Year: 2001

ISBN: 1-58025-927-8

Pages: 338

Publisher’s list price: 47.95


  • 1. Understanding the Types of Errors in SAS Programs
  • 2. Reading the SAS Language and Interpreting SAS Messages
  • 3. Debugging SAS Language Programs
  • 4. Debugging SAS DATA Steps with the DATA Step Debugger
  • 5. Debugging SAS Macro Language
  • 6. Base SAS Messages
  • 7. Macro Facility Messages
  • Appendix 1. Review of SAS Processing Concepts
  • Appendix 2. Creating the DATA Sets Used in This Book
  • Index