Advanced Log-Linear Models Using SAS


Author: Daniel Zelterman

Publisher: SAS

For statisticians using SAS/STAT, an in-depth look at PROC GENMOD techniques for discrete count data.


Paperback (2002)


Year: 2002

ISBN: 1-59047-080-X

Pages: 189

Publisher’s list price: 42.95


  • 1. Discrete Distributions
  • 2. Basic Log-Linear Models and the GENMOD Procedure
  • 3. Ordered Categorical Variables
  • 4. Non-Rectangular Tables
  • 5. Poisson Regression
  • 6. Finite Population Size Estimation
  • 7. Truncated Poisson Regression
  • 8. The Hypergeometric Distribution
  • 9. Sample Size Estimation and Power for Log-Linear Models

From the back cover

Daniel Zelterman applies his extensive SAS knowledge and biostatistics experience to show you how to use the GENMOD procedure in SAS to analyze log-linear models for categorical data. The wide variety of examples he presents illustrate the numerous statistical applications PROC GENMOD is capable of performing. Zelterman very thoroughly covers the applications he has chosen to highlight. He describes the models, provides real data examples, and explains the output from GENMOD.