100 Essential SAS Software Concepts


Author: Rick Aster

Publisher: Breakfast

In an entertaining radio-style drama, a fictitious study group considers 100 of the key ideas behind SAS software. The repetition, humor, and music in this audio set and the conflicting points of view of the different characters ensure that the ideas sink in as you listen.


Audio cassettes (1994)

Audio cassettes

Year: 1994

U.P.C.: 7-68068-26002-5

Publisher’s list price: 19.95


  1. The SAS System
  2. Programs
  3. Session
  4. Data

From the back cover

SAS software is easier to work with when you know the vocabulary, and after listening to 100 Essential SAS Software Concepts, you will! The concepts that the Attitude crew discuss here were personally selected by leading experts Rick Aster and Rhena Seidman as the 100 most useful for understanding the way SAS software works. Each one is explained in simple terms that you can understand even if you’re just getting started with SAS software.