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Star SAS Rats


The letters in a palindrome read the same forward or backward. For example, “SAS” spelled backward is “SAS” — it’s the same thing! With this definition, palindromes are easy to identify. The hard part is figuring out what they mean!

PROC REPORT is it! — Roper Corp.

No IT caste, SAS/ETS action.

Dogs arf as SAS asserts to no dog, “Go, do not stress a sassafras god.”

Top statistic at roses or tacit sit at spot.

My ten interoperability Alps play 'til I bare pore T ninety M.

Petscorp foreman’s dog ODS namer of proc step.

Sub fox at NYS to D.T. Cej: Boot to object-dot syntax of bus.

Pam at a data step met system pets at a data map.

E-mite Tad’s a SAS datetime.

Sloop stats sass as SAS/STAT spools.

One Nile too fat a footnote line, no?

Nil TN code? Do CNTLIN!

No, Itaro, proc step syntax at NYS Pets Corporation.

Trope Report

Nat raps SAS, assigning, “Is SAS as Spartan?”

Are macros gold logs or camera?

Put, is it ODS? Draw a band, ape tones, a reel, a column in italic, Nepal, a pencil, a tin in mu locale. Erase notepad, nab awards, dot i, sit up.

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