Crossword #6 Hints

Making It Visual

A12	The same word refers to the center of an apple, where the seeds are
A21	You might select them with the clause WHERE SEX = 'F' AND AGE >= 18
A26	Garfunkel, of Simon & Garfunkel
A34	You click them in dialog boxes
A43	Interest, unemployment, inflation are examples from economics
A57	Also the symbol for a radioactive metal
A66	Signs in the middle of a road sometimes prohibit this maneuver
A71	Comes after of, lis, forgot
D7	Or exist, as in Shakespeare’s “To __ or not to __ . . .”
D9	Places for cars to drive
D34	Coffee, cocoa, lima, and green are varieties of these
D40	They are horizontal on the U.S. flag
D43	Also the symbol for a radioactive gas
D47	The same word describes a sewing template
D55	The “Hawaiian” version of this features “7 natural fruit juices” along with artificial colors

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